Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Impulsive Chef's Sister Presents: Ramen for the Sophisticate

Hi readers, I'm filling in for Brian today with an "Impulsive Single Girl Chef" post. For those of us who are unlucky in love and destined to be spinsters it can be quite a challenge to put time and energy into cooking for one. So many leftovers, no one to share the meal sounds much better. My favorite delivery guy, Hideki, at least asks how my day was...

But, with a New Years resolution to experiment with cooking (gotta get some wifey skills, amirite?) I'm trying my hand at a few dishes here and there. After a recent breakup I've basically been on a diet of wine I figured it was time to head to Trader Joes & Whole Foods and stock up the ol' pantry.

My recent favorite meal in DC is ramen...not Top Ramen or anything, but these really nice/trendy ramen restaurants that are absolutely to die for. I think the broth is laced with crack because it's addictive. Since the weather has been freezing all month and I don't want to leave my apartment, I decided to try and replicate a fancy ramen dish (see photo). Let the impulsiveness begin...

I took one package of beef flavored Top Ramen and cooked it per the directions. While it was cooking, I chopped up some carrots, green onion, and mushroom and also threw in some corn. I also took some frozen wild mushrooms from Whole Foods and added those (single girl tip: these mushrooms literally can go in anything you cook. Stock up!). Next I took one egg and beat it in a cup, then slowly drizzled it into the boiling water a la egg drop soup style. Finally, I added the flavor packet, some soy sauce and sesame oil for flavor and was all done. An easy way to take cheap ramen and make it "fancy" in a pinch. Doesn't exactly beat a $20 bowl of ramen, but it sure comes close when you don't want to leave your house during the polar vortex. Bon apetite!
This just screams amazing!

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