Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Denny's Deli-Dinger!

I've received a lot of traffic from people searching for the ingredients on a Denny's Deli Dinger. This was a sandwich that was a staple of my diet through the 90's, but is sadly unavailable anymore. Luckily, through some super-secret back channels, midnight meetings in abandoned parking lots, and paying off several high-ranking officials, I now possess the long-lost recipe. No need to thank me- your happiness is my reward.

3 slices of sourdough bread
1/8 lb sliced deli turkey
1/8 lb sliced deli ham
2 pieces of bacon
1 thick slice mild cheddar cheese
1 thick slice American cheese
2 tomato slices
1 piece of lettuce
REAL mayo

Cook the ham and turkey on the stove top until they appear to be cooked. Toast the bread and melt the cheese on each slice. Melt the cheddar on one and the American on the other. The two pieces with cheese will be the middle and bottom of the DeliDinger. Once the meat is ready, put it on top of the now-melted cheese. Top the meat with bacon as shown below.

Once you've got the meat and cheese finished, you're just about there. Spread a little bit of mayo to the bottom of the middle piece of bread. Add a piece of lettuce to the top layer, then take the tomato slices and put them on top of the lettuce. Spread a heroic amount of mayo on the bottom of the top piece of bread, cut the sandwich diagonally and you're done! I'm pretty sure these taste better after midnight and with a cup of coffee.

The toasted sourdough bread can and will tear the ever-loving crap out of your mouth! You have been warned!


  1. I ate the Delidinger A LOT and I do not recall bacon, tomato, or lettuce on it. It had green chilies on it.

    1. Uh no. The one at Denny's never had chiles

    2. I also remember it this way. It was turkey, swiss, roast beef, cheddar, green chilies, and mayo on sour dough. This is how it was made in central Florida. It was my go-to, I ate it many times at a few different locations.

  2. What you're describing is absolutely NOT a Delidinger. Maybe it was some regional thing, but I promise that the "official" Delidinger did not have green chilies on it.

  3. Agreed...... no chillies whatsoever. Although I do not recall it having bacon, but knowing me, I probably requested no bacon. I loved this sandwich though! It was served best with a side dish of honey mustard for dipping. :)

  4. This recipe is exactly how it was made in Georgia. Never Chilies or roast beef here. Just ham, turkey, and bacon. Good job reproducing!