Friday, May 15, 2015

Cupcake Day!

Hey all, Lisa here...

I've really come to enjoy baking recently, and anytime I feel like making cupcakes, I knock them out and then send them to work with Brian.  That led to my very first 
"professional" (paid) cupcake order, from one of Brian's co-workers!

I prepared by scouring Pinterest for decoration ideas to match my customer's theme, purchasing all the tools, accessories and ingredients I'd need, and making sure all of my equipment was spotlessly clean.

Then, it was finally time to make them!  The order was for 3 dozen, including 2 different flavors and 3 different decorations, for the customer's parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  She wanted a rustic, lakeside camping theme, so we landed on fish/ water, trees, and campfire designs.

It was my first time making/ decorating that many cupcakes at once, and I had a blast (even though after 8 solid hours on my feet in the kitchen, I had useless bricks for feet!).  I'm so pleased with how they turned out, and most importantly, so was the customer!

Of course, being the photography enthusiast that I am, I photo-documented everything.  Enjoy!  :)

Setting the scene

An obscene amount of butter


Dry ingredients ready to go

I used light blue and brown cupcake liners to designate between the 2 different flavors

Using my handy-dandy metal scoop to evenly fill each cup

Using this much butter at once... is just this side of disturbing.

The buttercream icing is made!

Aren't they cute?  And so full of potential.  :)

Cupcakes for days!

My 5 different icing colors - 2 blue shades for water, green for grass, and brown & orange for the campfires.

A fish/ water cupcake!  I like how the fish appear to be leaping out of the water.

The full dozen

A tree cupcake!  With icing "grass" and a few cute flowers to spruce (pun intended) it up.

The full dozen

And a campfire cupcake!  I cut up mini Twix bars to serve as the wood logs.  Sooo cute, amirite??

The full dozen
Making and photographing cupcakes is pretty much my heaven, so this was just awesome.  And I've heard through the grapevine that more orders may very well be coming my way soon, which I'd definitely eagerly accept!  So fun!

Thanks for reading!

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